The Power of Clickbait....

I made my Youtube account July 31, 2007 and have been a daily user since, I even took a crack at the infamous daily vlogs my freshman year of high school. I stick to consuming content rather than making it when it comes to Youtube these days, following tons of really talented creators. One of my favorite content creators, Peter McKinnon, released a video this week entitled “Make $3,000.00 THIS MONTH with PHOTOGRAPHY!” Can you feel my eye roll though the screen? Don’t get me wrong, I’m no novice to the world of clickbait. Creating titles that stand out in this over saturated market could mean make or break for a content creator. According to “300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute” thats a lot of video fighting for the same eyeballs.

Now, I’m not sitting here grumpy just because of some silly old clickbait. I find a lot of issues in this video fall into the same realm as the qualms that I have with “guest lectures” who push networking like it’s your golden ticket. Don’t get me wrong, networking is an incredibly valuable tool but if I have to hear from another old, greying white man about how networking launched his career in the 70’s just by knowing other old white guys I’m going to SCREAM! There are so many hoops that people of color and non men have to go through to make their networking as valuable as your. To think the playing field is flat and equal is blind.

Okay, a lil shouting into the void and back to the video I promise it all makes sense.

Peter and Chris Hau offer some great ideas in this almost 30 minute long FREE* video about making money from photography. First and foremost, this content is great and I really admire them putting it into the world for free when someone like FStoppers might package this content as a $200-$300 tutorial.

I almost didn’t finish watching this video because Peter and Chris’s first recommendation left a bad taste in my mouth, telling 3.1 million people that they could make a grand from posting a Facebook status about batch shooting headshots is outlandish. To test this outlandish theory I posted to my 3,913 Facebook friends (who a large portion are about to graduate and apply for jobs aka the best market for headshots) saying Hey, this weekend I’m doing a batch headshot sessions at XYZ and here are my open slots…” After 12 hours of having that post up, 64 comments and 30 direct messages later I have 1 person locked in for a slot. To be fair more might lock in with more time but my real issue with this recommendation is that it assume that a young creator has this type of network. I am really lucky to have a robust online network but not everyone is. Someone with 500 Facebook friends is not going to have the same experience as me, or as Peter or Chris.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to really buckle down and start making money from your photo work, this video might be a godsend to you. Take their recommendations with a grain of salt and get out there into the world and start shooting!

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1TB SD cards are hitting the market, how much is too much?


Early in 2019 media storage powerhouse Lexar released their 1 TB memory cards, in both SD and MircoSD format. Matthew Humphries of PC Mag touches on the timeline of Lexar, a brand which Micron decided to kill but then got a second life thanks to Chinese company Longsys

1TB is kind of hard to grasp as an amount of storage to have at your disposal, for a better frame of reference were talking about 48,000 raw photos and a whopping 160,000 jpeg photos. WOW. In all honesty, that just makes me anxious. If I had it my way I would dump my cards between every band for every show I shoot. Now don’t get me wrong I understand these are more geared towards folks who are shooting 4k and even 8k video, but with a 70MB/s write speed and no XQD or CF format it feels rushes and a little forced.

If you’re looking to ball out for the luxury of space, it’ll run you close to $500 from Lexar, although you B&H has a preorder up for a measly $400. When it comes to buying gear, my first question is always “can this amount of money be used in a more useful way?” So you could ball out for these huge cards, or you could buy two 512GB cards for $200, the choice is always up to you. Sam Byford of The Verge commented that the cards “if you’re a videographer or content creator looking to make your life easier when handling a lot of 4K footage, the extra convenience may be worth it” So for the Casey Niseats of the world, ball out, but for you and me? I think we can make due with just the teeny weenie 32gb cards.

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Death To The Camera Market?


My current digital set up as of 2019.

(pls don’t rob me)

The forums I find myself in more often than not are theorizing what is going to final nail in the photography coffin. Despite the masses, I never thought that photography was a dying hobby or profession, Sure everyone has an camera in their pocket with more megapixels than some early DSLRs, but its not the same! To my dismay, earlier this week an article from Canon Rumors was catching a lot of buzz, citing that “Canon thinks the camera market will drop by another 50% over the next two years”. Excuse me? Another 50%? I’m not super familiar with how market shares work but this didn't sound good to me.

So what does this mean for the average camera consumer? And by average I mean the camera consumer that waits 3 years to buy used gear with a student discount. After some online discourse, I came to the conclusion that this isn’t the end of the world. Phew!! New Canon equipment is probably going to be more expensive and retain its value for longer. As someone who doesn’t see themselves moving to mirrorless anytime soon, especially not the EOS R Series, this isn’t going to really effect the gear that I might buy in the future.

What do I think this means for camera gear as a whole? Well, a lot of things. We’re experiencing a super exciting time for camera gear, there are more brand making really high quality gear than ever before. Brands like Sigma, Tamron, Rokinon, and DJI are pumping out gear at a somewhat more affordable level allowing more creators to create professional level content. That being said, I feel like it isn’t outlandish to say that we probably won’t see any new L glass or DSLR bodies from Canon in the next few years. We most likely will see the aforementioned brands really break out of their comfort zone and make a splash. Regardless of who does what in the coming years, it’s an exciting time to be a photographer.

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